"Dr. Evelyne Bruneau and Dr. Stéphanie De Haas provided their chiropractic locum services during both of my maternity leaves (2017 and 2020). Prior to starting their locum, they went above and beyond by spending the time required to learn all of our systems and procedures, as well as shadowing in clinic to ensure a seamless transition. Their level of dedication, professionalism, and expertise were a gift to my patients and gave me peace of mind. I was able to return to a healthy practice after being away for three and eight months respectively. I highly recommend their services and would not hesitate to use them again myself in the future."

Dr. Josée Dutrisac
Rockland, Ontario

"Dr. Stephanie De Hass provided locum services to my clinic in September. She was very professional and great with patients. I would highly recommend using her locum services."

Dr. Saryu Aggarwal
Ottawa, Ontario

"J'ai été très satisfait avec les services de Dre Stephanie à mon bureau lors de mon absence. Mes patients ont bien apprecié ses habiletés hors pair et son professionnalisme. J'ai beacoup aimé le fait qu'elle est venue me rencontrer avant le locum pour apprendre mes techniques et mes procédures. Je la recommende fortement à mes collègues. "

Dr. Eric Delorme
Ottawa, Ontario

"Life doesn’t always go as planned. I was mountain biking in Sedona, Arizona and broke my wrist. Instead of presenting at a chiropractic conference, I was on a plane back home. I have a challenging practice to step into but, with short notice, Drs. Bruneau and de Haas (Dr. Evelyne's daughter) provided dependable, excellent care for my patients. It was a relief and comfort for me to be able to continue care for my patients and they were grateful for the ability to do so. It takes doctors with a strong sense of self and competency to make that happen. Drs. Bruneau and de Haas are a great team and I recommend them should your need arise for locum services (planned or unplanned)! "

Dr. Greg Payne
Ottawa, Ontario

"Dr. Bruneau has covered by practice several times now, helping out for both planned vacations and unscheduled personal leave. I have never hesitated to trust Dr. Bruneau with my practice as she is a skilled, compassionate and professional Doctor. All of my patients have spoken very highly of her. "

Dr. Robert Rodine
Smith Falls, Ontario

"The best part of taking a holiday is not having to think/worry about your clinic. I can tell you that when you have Dr. Bruneau in your office it is worry free! The patients and the staff all look forward to her locums!! "

Dr. Gauri Shankar
Prescott Family Chiropractic
Prescott, Ontario

"Dr. Evelyne Bruneau was professional and accommodating. She came in for half a day for an observation before the locum. This helped her adapt so that my patients would receive the same treatment that I provided them. My patients were happy with Dr. Bruneau’s treatments and I was able to enjoy my vacation knowing that my patients were in good hands."

Dr. Steve Pelletier, BSc., D.C.
Orleans, Ontario

"Dr. Bruneau filled in for me during my maternity leave, and she provided so much more than what I expected from a locum service. She went to great lengths to learn about our systems and procedures. I could not believe the amount of time Dr. Bruneau put in at our office ensuring that all details were taken care of in terms of record keeping. I am thankful that I was able to be at home with my baby and did not have to worry at all about the office!"

Dr. Kelly Norman
Back in Balance Chiropractic

"It is my great satisfaction to have had Dr. Evelyne Bruneau replace me with locum service for three weeks. Also, my initial request by email was responded to the next day.

Dr. Bruneau observed me at my office and met patients on three separate occasions to familiarize herself with our table functions, my technique and my rapport with patients.

She was very punctual, often early and willing to work overtime. She worked well with staff and the staff enjoyed her presence as well. All comments from patients were positive, her technique was very good and her recommendations to patients were also well received.

She mentioned the importance to patients of staying on schedule with their treatment plans and I noticed good note recording (SOAP notes).

I am very satisfied with the locum service provided to me and I would highly recommend Eastern Ontario Locum Service to other Chiropractors in the area."

The late Dr. Frederick W. Warren DC
Warren Clinic of Chiropractic
Ottawa, Ontario

"Dr. Evelyne is a reliable and competent chiropractor. She was able to emulate my practice style which in turn retained my patient numbers and maintained their treatment schedules. I would not hesitate to have her locum for me again."

Dr. Mona Nasr
Stittsville, Ontario

"Dr. Evelyne Bruneau has 2 qualities that make her LOCUM in our office very successful. First of all, Evelyne is adaptable in her techniques and procedures; she performs treatments that closely resemble the routine our patients are used to. Secondly, she shows a genuine interest in their well-being and they sense this. Our patients have only nice things to say about Dr. Bruneau; they are very satisfied with the care they receive during our absence."

Drs Sylvie Bordeleau and Daniel Vandervoort

"Dr. Evelyne Bruneau has covered my practice numerous times. Dr. Bruneau is exceptional with patient care, follow-up with treatment and when I go away I do not worry at all! Also she has an excellent working relationship with the staff at my office. I would not hesitate to recommend her highly to others!"

Dr. Barbara Rodwin, D.C., B.Sc., D.Ac.
ART Doctor of Chiropractic, Acupuncturist and
Active Release Technique provider
Back to Health Wellness Centre
Ottawa, Ontario

"Through her good nature, her professionalism, her passion for the chiropractic profession, her reliability and her attention to detail, Evelyne has cared for my patients during my holidays. In addition, she managed my clinic and ensured its adequate functioning. Thank you for a job well done."

Dr. André Paris
St-Isidore, Ontario

"Our experiences with Dr. Bruneau have been truly wonderful.  She is competent, proficient, and professional.  She took the time to get to know our office prior to the locum term which allowed her to replicate our style and develop rapport with our staff.  Our patient's give her an A+ which allows me to relax and "take off"!"

Dr. Frazer Smith, DC
Smiths Falls Family Chiropractic

"I have used locum services over many years. Dr. Bruneau presented to us as a highly organized locum provider, who provided my office with very professional assistance. I feel that Dr. Bruneau is a great fit with our busy office and its’ emphasis on wellness and family care. We highly recommend her, and will continue to use her locum services."

Dr. Mark Czubak, BSc DC
Smiths Falls Family Chiropractic

My experience with Dr. Evelyne was amazing. She demonstrated professionalism and at the same time added a personal touch to her care of my patients. She did a 3 month locum in my office during my maternity leave and was very well prepared, having come in to learn/study several times ahead. I came back and my practice was still doing very well and many patients commented afterwards on the great care they received. I highly recommend her services and will be calling her again.

Dr. Emilie Perras

Having Dr. Evelyn as a locum was an extremely positive experience. She ensured that she was familiar and comfortable with operational aspects of the practice to competently provide care.  Moreover, she was able to preemptively ask the questions that helped to identify the "feel" and flow of the practice.  This made me feel instantly confident in Evelyn's ability to provide the consistency in care that I was hoping for. My staff commented on what a good choice I made in a locum as they enjoyed Evelyn's presence and how well she blended in our environment. Upon my return patients commented on the great care that Evelyn had provided. I thought she went above and beyond to ensure good communication about any cases that were new or more complex than average.  I was overall left with a complete sense of confidence in Dr. Bruneau and look forward to the opportunity to have her to the office once again.

Christine Cordick, D.C.
Perth Chiropractic

We utilized Dr. Evelyne Bruneau's locum service at the end of the school year for a family vacation. Dr. Bruneau visited our office well in advance to observe and familiarize herself with our technique and practice style.

Upon our return, our staff and practice members gave us positive feedback. They all felt very comfortable interacting with Dr. Evelyne's professional care and demeanour.

We would recommend her services, and we look forward to having her back in the near future.

Dr. Lyne Rivet and Dr. Mike Mattinen.