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Biography – Dr. Evelyne Bruneau

Chiropractic background

Technique with baby

Technique with baby


I am a 1986 CMCC graduate. That year, I completed chiropractic boards in the following jurisdictions: Canada, Ontario, Québec and the United States.

I am the past president of the well-known Locum referral service of the late 80’s and early 90’s called Professional Chiropractic Locum Services, serving all of the province of Ontario and Québec.

I then operated a busy family practice in Orléans, Ontario. In 2008, I started a new locum service, the Eastern Ontario Locum Service. This type of practice allowed me great flexibility while raising a busy family. Doing locums, I have worked in no less than 75 different clinics over the last 38 years.

I am trained in Diversified Technique, Motion Palpation, Activator, certified in the Thompson Technique by Dr. John Minardi, D.C. of the Minardi Integrated Systems, and I am also certified in the Cox Technique. In 2011-12, I enrolled in the ICA Wellness Certification Program taught by Dr. James Chestnut and Dr. Richard Baxter. I also completed my AODA in 2011.

Other skills include OCA PMP, Chirowrite, Nexy-Soft, Chartmaster, Cliniko, rolling thermal scan and Static EMG scan, digital posture screening and evaluation, x-ray taking (traditional or digital), various modalities, soft tissue therapies and orthotic fitting.

In the last few years, my continuing education has included CCO’s record keeping seminar, Winter Radiology Review (2007-2024), CCPA Risk management projects (2008- now) Chirowrite webminars, Techniques with Chiropractic Master, Dr. Len Faye (2010), Thompson Seminar Series with Dr. Minardi (2011), Pediatric Seminar with Dr. Liz Anderson-Peacock (2011), the ICA Wellness Certification Program, and finally the Cox Certification course in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in November 2014. I completed Part III of the Cox course in October 2015 and a hands-on workshop for the treatment of the cervical spine in Chicago in October 2015 also. I attended the Life University Chiropractic Conference in Montreal in April 2017. I continue to fulfill my CE requirements every year, usually surpassing the 40 hours required.

I hold memberships with the CCO, CCA, OCA, EOCS and CNAC. I am fully covered by CCPA.

I am experienced and at ease in treating newborns right up to the geriatric population using different techniques and approaches.

Personal background

I was born and raised in Trois-Rivières, Québec. I am the mother of 3 adult daughters, two of which are also chiropractors.

I have been volunteering actively in my community, namely at my children’s schools, elementary and high school councils since 2004, Girl Guides Movement (2002-08), church volunteer, La Leche League since 1993 and Cumberland Lions Club (Effective Speaking Contest).

My personal interests are about travelling, health-conscious cooking, fitness, outdoor activities and sports, cultural events and reading.

I am fully bilingual, both in French and English.

Biography – Dr. Stéphanie de Haas

Chiropractic background:

Dr. de Haas obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières in May 2019. The 5 year program consisted of 245 credits in both theory and practical training, with a 2 year clinical internship. Dr de Haas is now in Orleans, where she has established a busy family practice.

The professional training acquired at the chiropractic school makes Dr. de Haas proficient in performing a full new patient consultation and examination, determining a diagnosis, taking and reading radiographs, and administering appropriate chiropractic treatments.

Dr. de Haas is trained in manual techniques, and is also certified in the Thompson Technique, Cox Technique and is currently enrolled in a Pediatric and pregnancy certification (ICPA).

Personal background:

Dr. de Haas was born and raised in Cumberland, Ontario. She completed her elementary school at Des Pionniers, and her high school at Béatrice-Desloges. She completed one year of a Bachelor’s degree in Sciences at the University of Ottawa, before being accepted into the Doctorate of Chiropractic program at the UQTR.

Born from 2 chiropractor parents, she has been adjusted since birth, and has fully taken on the health-oriented lifestyle she was born into. She is very health- conscious and enjoys working out, eating healthy and being outdoors.

Biography – Dr. Mélodie de Haas

Dr. Mélodie has graduated in 2023 from UQTR. Therefore, she is perfectly bilingual (English and French). She has dedicated her first year of practice to locums only. Eventually, Dr. Mélodie would like to become an associate in a well-established clinic or start her own clinic.

Since getting her license, Dr. Mélodie has served in 10 different clinics. Her training includes Diversified technique, Activator Methods, Cox flexion-distraction technique and certified in Thompson Technique by Dr. John Minardi, D.C. She is also proficient with pediatric patients, Graston, laser, ultrasound, shockwave, TENS, taping techniques and x-ray taking.

She is a member of the CCO, OCA, CCA, EOCS and is fully covered by the CCPA.

Dr. Mélodie was born and raised in Orleans. She spent her summers on Toronto Island where she developed an interest for water-based sports. She has been giving paddle board lessons every summer for the last 10 years. Dr. Mélodie's interests include sports, training in the gym, going out with friends, reading and cooking.

Description of Services

Interpretation of x-ray


1) Prompt response to all locum requests

2) Online questionnaire "About your clinic" to get a feel for your clinic, procedures and philosophy.

3) No-charge Observation day(s): depending on your needs, length of locum, technique, equipment, etc.

4) Various techniques available: Diversified Technique, Thompson Technique, Activator Methods, Motion Palpation, Static Palpation, Spine Align ( computerized adjusting) and Cox Flexion-Distraction.

5) Other abilities: Detailed SOAP Notes, either hand-written or using Chirowrite, Nexy-Soft , OCA PMP, Cliniko, rolling thermal scan and static EMG scan, digital posture screening and evaluation, X-ray taking (either traditional or digital), X-ray reporting (full written report), Orthotic fitting (TOG and Oolab), various modalities, various soft tissue therapies.

6) Competitive and reasonable rates

7) Follow-up questionnaire and call

Advantages of hiring us

1) Local chiropractor: great for last minute changes in your plans,emergencies, etc.and also no need for accommodation or travel arrangements.

2) Bilingual service: most French patients are thrilled about this one!

3) Flexible hours: available for emergencies before or after shifts or added patients at the end of the day.

4) Punctual, reliable service: we always show up ½ hour before the day starts at least or earlier if needed.

5) Experienced in dealing with staff or unforeseen situations (having run our own clinic)

6) Most important of all:professional, caring, positive disposition

List of References

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